Bahareh Navabi

Bahareh Navabi was born in 1985 in Tehran. She arrives in Paris in 2005 where she studies in Beaux-Arts.
Her art style is originally abstract, which she may have inherited from her many years of studying with the late Farideh Lashai, a great Iranian master. But during her years in Beaux-Arts, her art tends more towards figurative.
Through her works, Bahareh examines the question of personal identity.
She combines poetry with visual arts on a particular medium, which is the tracing paper, like a frontier between the real world and the imaginary.
Bahareh Navabi explores her identity through characters that reveal us her souvenirs and dreams.
The portrait through Bahareh’s art creates a game of mirror where the spectator identifies himself to the character, that is universal and hermaphrodite.
The narrow frontier between the abstract side and the figurative one of her works, the game of transparency created by the tracing paper…all of these enable the spectator to open a dialogue with the imagination of the artist and thus to cross through the mirror of life.
For Bahareh, this mirror becomes the mirror of truth and self-love.
The black bodies of her characters are full of light and color. They intrigue us and then captivate and fascinate us.

2011 HOME – Master of Fine Art , Diplôme Nationale supérieure d’art plastique DNSAP
École Nationale supérieure des Beaux Arts de Paris
2006-2011 BA of arts, Diplôme Nationale supérieure d’art plastique DNSAP
École Nationale supérieure des Beaux Arts de Paris
2005-2006 Atelier de Sèvres – Paris/France
2001-2003 IB of Graphic -Tehran/Iran
2019 Carnaval de la vie – Nicolas Flamel Gallery – Paris/France
2018 UN ÉCHO–13:13 – Dastan+2 Gallery – Tehran/Iran
2016 Monocromatic Silence – Dastan+2 Gallery – Tehran/Iran
2015 La présence d’un souffle The presence of a breath – TWENTYTWO Gallery – Lyon/France
2014 Boundless momentary – THE MINE Gallery – Dubai/UE
2014 Balance of reflection – Dastan’s Basement Gallery – Tehran/Iran
2013 Memories of a Pulse – Dastan’s Basement Gallery – Tehran/Iran
2012 EMOH – LMD Gallery – Paris/France
2019 Gallery Brûée – Strasbourg /France
curated by fereydoun ave – Dastan’s Basement Booth – Dubai/UAE
2016 Art Dubai – Dastan’s Basement Booth – Dubai/UAE
2015 Masques – TWENTYTWO Gallery – Lyon/France
2015 ST-ART – The contemporary art fair of Strasbourg, Strasbourg/France
2015 Contemporary Aty Fair – ST-ART – Gallery Lee Booth – Strasbourg/France
2013 D DESSIN (13) – Atelier Richelieu – Paris/France
2012 Mise en scene – Etemad Galerie – Dubai/UE
2011 DRAWING NOW – Salon du dessin contemporain, Carrousel Du Louvre – Paris/France
2010 MOVE – LMD Gallery – Paris/France
2009 Salon du dessin contemporain – Carrousel Du Louvre – Paris/France
2008 Exhibition of contemporary Iranian Paintings – Vancouver/canada
2007 Collected memories New Trends Iranian Painting – Artspace Gallery – London/UK