Nasser Ovissi

Nasser Ovissi, born in 1934, is a living legend of modern Iranian art, whose work displays strong inspiration from ancient Iranian civilization.
He was diplomat and Cultural Attachee at the Iranian Embassy in Rome and Madrid and currently he resides in Virginia (USA). During his diplomatic activity, he worked to bridge the gap between the world of European art and Iran, creating exchanges of ideas and creativity.
He is one of few pre-Islamic Revolution artists, who achieved success prior and after the revolution. Since 1955, his works have been displayed in group exhibitions with the works of Chagall, Dali, Dubuffet, and Picasso.
Iran is almost always present in his art: in the iconic horses and village girls who live in his paintings; in the pomegranates and poppies that grow in them; in the poetry, mythology and history that he brings to life; and in the joyous use of color and detail that characterizes his work.
Horses represent one of his central themes (which he considers a symbol of beauty, elegance and strength). Together with the horses, who have always helped man over time, women also appear in his work, because they are the true companions of man.