Morteza Shabani

Born in Tehran 1980
- Graduate of Tehran University Faculty of Fine Arts Sculpture – Atbin Gallery Expatriate Apadana Exhibit February 2014 The Iron Workshop Supervisor of the Seventh Symposium
on the Tehran Stone in September 2015.
- Painting and Sculpture Group (Persian garden party)
Exhibition by Nicolas Flamel Gallery Paris, France 2015
- Selected Works at IBS Charity College, London, Oct. 2015 Construction of a Height 7.30m (Sarve Chaman)
city sculpture in Tehran, June-2016
Selected Artist in the fourth Symposium of the Holy
Defense Metal of Tehran in September 2016
Selected Effect in the 5th Urban Banner of the
Beauti cation Organization of Tehran 2016
- Art lecturer at Tehran Art and Architecture University since 2010 – Executive of the eighth Tehran Symposium on the Tehran Milad Tower April 2017
-The Selection of the Baku International
Symposium stone on Sept.30, 2017
- Selected Works at IBS Charity College, London, Oct. 2017