Malekeh Nayini

Born in Tehran, Iran. She obtained a B.A in fine arts and photography at International Center of Photography in New York, 1980-1982. her first work was a series of color photograms that were exhibited in the US and France. In the previous years she has been exhibited in New York, London, Paris, Madrid, Barcelona, Dubai and Tehran and she has been published in various magazines since 1983. Louid Vuitton Malletier, Smithsonian institution, British Museum, Los Angeles County Museum of art, Fondation Coff, Fnac, Musée Niepce, Chalon-sur-Soan, and Coca Cola Corporation, all have her work as part of their collections.
Malekeh lives and works in Paris, France.
« By the use of anachronisms such as collaging modern stamps on the clothes of some of my ancestors, and by inventing backgrounds that
are obviously out of context with them, my aim was to see them in a
new light and to transplant them into a different time, a different place… »