Ghodratollah Agheli

Ghodratollah Agheli was born in 1968 in Jolfa City, east azarbaijan Province, in iran. after finishing primary and secondary education, he seriously started to learn arts from painting and drawing masters of Mirak art School of Tabriz. his passionate interest in arts and painting convinced him to leave Tabriz for Tehran where he started to learn sculpture techniques under supervision of masters of Visual arts Center of Tehran for four consecutive years, and won Grade ii in art and from then on he is working professionally and eagerly in artistic fields.

Agheli has not only succeeded to hold over 25 solo exhibitions during these years, but also he has participated in 70 groups, biennial exhibitions and artistic expositions in iran, Germany, France, england, austria, Ukraine, Morocco, italy, China, dubai and Qatar. and of his recent works the sixth Biennale Beijing international art and fifty-sixth international Biennial of Venice – in 2015 reached.

About 40 monumental sculptures, embossed artworks, urban monuments make up the casework of the hardworking artist. his monumental sculptures can be found either in iran’s art museums or private collections.