Bozorgmehr Hosseinpour

Born in 1977, he graduated with a degree in Painting from Tehran’s Azad University. Ever since 1990, he has been active as a cartoonist and caricaturist in several Iranian publications such
as GolAgha and Keyhan Caricature, Zan Newspaper, Nowjavan Soroush, Roshd e Nowjavan, Nowrooz Newspaper, Aftabgardan Newspaper, Eghbal Newspaper and the weekly Chelcheragh. He has also been in charge of the art directing Zanan e Farda, Aroos e Honar, Danesh e Yoga, Today he is one of the most active directors, working in the field of Iranian Animation and producing many works in this field.
In the field of Animation and film:
• Direction of more than ten advertising teasers
• Direction and production of fifty minutes of conceptual and cultural short films for Saba Centre in Tehran
• Direction and production of fifty minutes of short film about ‘books” for Saba Center.
• Direction and design of the short animation entitled;“Good, Bad, Love’
• Direction of a three hours long documentary film about Iranian Archeological artifacts.
• Direction and production of animations about social subjects for the field of arts.
• The design of the storyboard for the movie “ Day and Night” with direction of Omid Bonakdar and Keyvan AliMohammadi. • The design of the storyboard for the film “Wooden Bridge” by the direction of Mehdi Karampour.
In the field of Book publication:
• The comic strip coll. entitled “The adventures of Dolmeh; Dolmeh he who didn’t want to stay Dolmeh”, 1999, Golagha Publications.
• The comic strip collection entitled “Sandwich”, 2004, Aftabgardan Publications.
• The comic strip collection entitled “GharoGhambl”, 2006, Rowzaneh Publications.
• The cartoon collection entitled “Stories of an Island”, 2007, Rowzaneh Publications.
• The caricature collection entitled “The politicians…” 2010, Rowzaneh Publications.
• The comic strip book entitled: “I am a calf”, 2011, Mosallas Publications
• The book of cartoons for Press entitled “Dodar”, 2012, Rowzaneh Publications.
• Collection of Cartoon and comic strip entitled “ Shahr e Hert”, 2013, Mosallas Publications.
Works in print:
• The collection of works of face caricatures, the collection of cartoons in Press, the collection of spiritual caricature entitled “ Rendestan”, the comic stip collection entitled “ Haft Man e Mani:.
Winner of the International festival; “Tehran Water”.
Winner of the festival; “Tehran’s Blue Sky”.
Winner of the Press festival, 1999.
Second prize winner Urban press, 2006.
Third prize winner of the international festival “dialogue between civilizations”, 2003.
Winner of best short animation in the City Jokes festival, 2006.
Gold prize winner as the caricaturist of the year form the Persian Cartoon website, 2007
Winner of the prize from the grand Visual Art’s festival in China, 2007.
Winner of the Tehran’s international biennial of 2007.