Bijan Saffari





Bijan Saffari (1933-2019)

1953 – 1958 Diploma in Architecture at the École Spéciale d’Architecture, Paris.

From 1959 to 1980 Bijan Saffari returns to Tehran to work as an interior architect; He was a teacher at the Faculty of Decorative Arts, Tehran University; Saffari was exhibited in a number of painting & design group and solo shows.
He was a founding Member of the Shiraz Festival of Arts; and managing ‘Kargahe Namayesh’, a center for experimental theatre. In 1980, he returns to France where he has lived ever since, continuing with his interior architecture projects and adding sculptures to his repertoire of works. Bijan Saffari was a true inspirational mentor and innovator of ideas to many contemporary artists. He was a meticulous draughtsman and his work reveals a great talent for drawing. Objects & Figures depicted in a sensitive manner, nonchalant and making out to be oblivious to the presence of any observers. As he says, ‘Water illuminates, so does watercolor.’